Prospec (Far East) Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company providing building materials and solutions of superior quality. We specialise in unique, exclusive products and services to suit any specific design requirements. From locker and cubicle systems to decorative plaster, timber flooring and wall cladding, our diverse range of products afford designers and owners alike with maximum choice and flexibility to realise their creativity without compromising on functionality.

Since inception in 1989, Prospec (Far East) Pte Ltd has aggressively targeted both local and international markets, involving itself in projects in places as diverse as South-East Asia, Mauritius, Maldives, Hong Kong and Korea. Recognising the need to grow in experience and expertise so that we can serve our clients better, we participate actively in ongoing training and development. Working closely with architects and designers on projects in major educational and civic institutions in Singapore, Prospec arms itself with knowledge of the latest design trends and technological innovations to respond more effectively to client needs.

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